Gym Zone

Europa’s Gym Zone sessions are a great way to spend quality time with your child whilst they have fun exploring our dedicated play area. Taking place within the gymnastics Centre itself, your child can run and play at their leisure, using the provided soft-play shapes, bouncy castle/obstacle course, trampolines, bars and balance beams. Gym Zone sessions are open and unstructured, with you as the parent or guardian accompanying and guiding your child as they play.

Safety mats and padding ensure that the Gym Zone area is as safe for your child as possible, however we ask that parents and guardians stay with their child and remain vigilant at all times to avoid accidents.


Weekday sessions are for children aged 0-4 only, with sessions on Sundays and during school holidays being open to children aged 0-11.

For safety reasons accompanying adults are not permitted to use the play equipment.

See below for Gym Fun session times and prices.


Gymzone is closed on Sunday 19th May

weekday hours
sunday hours
Please allow time before the start of the session to register if it is your first time