Gym Zone Rules of Play

Session Payment

1. Costs: Children (playing) £5 per child per session. Babies (non-playing) £1 per child per session

2. Sessions cost includes 1 child and 2 adults. Any additional adults attending the session will be charged at £1

3. For health & safety reasons only 2 children per adult are allowed to be admitted


Age Restrictions

1. Weekday sessions are strictly for non-school aged children, the only exception to this rule is during school holidays where we allow children in school years Reception or Year 1 into the Gym Zone sessions

2. Sunday Funday sessions are for non-school aged children and primary school aged children

3. If older children are off school during term time due to school closure, admission will be at the discretion of the centre staff.


Before you enter the Gym

1. Suitable clothing must be worn at all times (dresses & skirts are not allowed, denim is not advised)

2. No shoes are allowed in the gym (Adults & children)

3. Children’s Socks/Tights must be removed

4. All jewellery, badges, pens, buckles and other sharp objects should be removed from clothing and pockets

5. Children must wear the Europa Centre Wrist Band at all times whilst in the centre

6. Please place all belongings in the lockers. The lockers are free to use but require £1 which is returned to you upon opening the locker. Clothing and bags are not allowed to be left in the gym. Buggies are welcome in the Gym but must not obstruct gangways or fire exits


Whilst Playing…

1. Children should never be left unattended

2. Parents & Careers (over 18 years) must remain responsible for their children (regardless of age) at all times. Children are not the responsibility of the centre staff

3. Adults are not permitted on the equipment

4. Children who are unwell should not attend the Gym Zone sessions

5. Only food and drink brought at the centre may be consumed on the premises (with the exception of Baby Food). NO other food and drinks is permitted. Vending machines are outside the gym and the café is upstairs

6. No food and drink is to be taken into the gym

7. No chewing gum is allowed on the premises

8. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on our premises

9. Alcohol is strictly prohibited

10. Nappy changing and potty training must be conducted in the changing rooms only, (not the gym, corridor or Café) ensuring nappies are placed in the correct bin

11. We allow the taking of photos/videos of your own children but please be mindful of other customer’s children and their privacy

12. During busy periods Europa Centre has a maximum 1 hour stay policy. Customers will be admitted on a first come first served basis and will be made aware of the time restrictions before play


School Holidays…

1. Session times will not necessarily be the same as the Gym Zone session.

3. Spaces are limited and are sold on a first come first served basis. No pre-booking available

4. Children Must wear the Europa Centre wrist band at all times whilst in the centre


The Europa Centre…

1. Requests that parents and careers report all accidents to a member of staff, to ensure that we can provide any necessary assistance and minimise the potential of reoccurrence. These will be logged and are an important part the Europa Centres on-going commitment to providing safe play and safety audits

2. Does not accept responsibility for liability for loss or injury through misuse of the equipment or lack of parental supervision

3. Reserves the right to alter ‘rules of play’ including entry price or session times without prior notice

4. Reserves the right to refuse admission at any time and to ask any person or persons to leave at its sole discretion

5. Does not tolerate Disruptive behaviour and or bullying (physical or verbal) of any kind. Unsocial behaviour or verbal abuse of any kind (to other customers or Europa staff) from either yourself or your child will also not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave without refund. Please ensure your child is considerate towards others.

6. Does not accept responsibility for any items lost or left behind, damage or theft

7. Reserves the right to ask any person not observing these rules to leave the premises without a refund